Edit a Virtual Agent

Creating a new Virtual Agent or cloning an existing virtual agent is the start. To complete the configuration setup, you need to add intents and utterances, configure a story board, and do a lot more. Use the Edit button in the Actions column to start.

When you click on the Edit button, you will see the following configuration sections:

  • Intents

  • Entity

  • Story Board

  • Theme Editor

  • Adapters

  • Language

Refer to the documentation for each of the aforementioned configurations.

Intents. Add Intents and Utterances

Entity. Create Entities

Story Board. Story Board and User Feedback

Theme Editor. Customize the Appearance of Bot Window and Bot Launcher with Theme Editor

Adapters. Salesforce AdapterSearchUnify Adapter, and Zendesk Adapter

Language. Multiple Languages

Last updatedTuesday, December 12, 2023

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