Zendesk Adapter

Relying on decision trees, NLP, NLU, and content source corpora, your chatbots are your company's frontline representatives. They act as a wall against the deluge of customer requests while still delivering exceptional user experiences. Most of the time, the chatbots work. For the remaining scenarios, you can backstop the wall with human agents.

This article is for support managers whose teams work in Zendesk Chat and who have also set up a SearchUnify chatbot on their community, website, or another customer-facing platform. In this article, they can learn how to ensure a smooth handoff to an agent working in Zendesk Chat when the chatbot falters in the face of a complex query or the user has a preference for carbon-based intelligence over a silicon-based one.


It's been assumed that you already have:

Configuring Zendesk Adapter

  1. Edit the agent from the list of added agents on the SUVA homepage. Navigate to the Adapters tab.

  2. Click on the Zendesk adapter.

  3. Enter the Authentication Key of your Zendesk instance. Refer to this article on how to get the Zendesk Authentication Key: Obtain Account Key and Activate Zendesk Adapter .

  4. Click Save.

You will now receive a connection successful message.

Last updatedWednesday, April 10, 2024

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