Clone A Virtual Agent

Cloning a virtual agent saves a SUVA you a great deal of effort and time. As an admin, you would be cognizant of the effort that goes into configuring a virtual agent, including adding intents & utterances, creating story boards, etc. So, if you want another agent with similar configuration as to an existing one, the clone functionality saves your day.

Cloning A Virtual Agent

  1. Log into SUVA and on the main page, you will see a list of agent(s) that you have configured.

  2. Click on the Clone Virtual Assistant button from actions ahead of the virtual agent that you want to clone.

The rest of the process is as same as described in Add A New Virtual Agent (based on your selection of the user role - Customer Support or HR Support). Fret not, you just need to add an agent, the configuration properties will be cloned automatically.

However, certain responses are impacted when you clone an agent based on one platform into an agent based on another platform. Given below is their list:

  1. Salesforce to Zendesk
    1.1) Remove: Create Case
    1.2) Edit: Connect Live Agent
    1.3) Edit: Webhook

  2. Salesforce to Khoros
    2.1) Remove: Create Case
    2.2) Edit: Connect Live Agent
    2.3) Edit: Webhook

  3. Salesforce to Website
    3.1) Remove: Create Case
    3.2) Edit: Connect Live Agent
    3.3) Edit: Webhook

  4. Zendesk to Salesforce
    4.1) Edit: Connect Live Agent
    4.2) Edit: Webhook

  5. Zendesk to Khoros
    5.1) Edit: Connect Live Agent
    5.2) Edit: Webhook

  6. Zendesk to Website
    6.1) Edit: Connect Live Agent
    6.2) Edit: Webhook

  7. Khoros to Salesforce
    7.1) Remove: Create Discussion
    7.2) Edit: Webhook

  8. Khoros to Zendesk
    8.1) Remove: Create Discussion
    8.2) Edit: Webhook

  9. Khoros to Website
    9.1) Remove: Create Discussion
    9.2) Edit: Webhook

  10. Website to Salesforce
    10.1) Edit: Connect Live Agent
    10.2) Edit: Webhook

  11. Website to Zendesk

    11.1) Edit: Connect Live Agent
    11.2) Edit: Webhook

  12. Website to Khoros
    12.1) Remove: Connect Live Agent
    12.2) Edit: Webhook

Note: Analytics and Intent Suggestions are not cloned while cloning a virtual agent.

Last updatedWednesday, April 10, 2024

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