Multiple Languages

SUVA, by default, supports 27 languages out of the box. You can configure bot stories in different languages including French, German, Irish, Japanese, etc.

Find Languages

Edit the agent for which you want to configure stories in more than one languages. And go to the Languages tab.

Add Languages

1. Toggle on the language you want to add from the Actions column.

2. When you enable a language, two fields will be visible to you.

3. Select the Response Type; 1) Text 2) Response

  • Text.Enter the text response in the Response field that you want to pop-up when a user opens the chatbot in the specified language.

  • Response. Select a response, which is a story configured for the specified language.

4. And click Save.

Select Language

To change the language, select a language by clicking on the languages drop-down list.

Upon selecting the language, you will have to set up the agent (adding intents, defining the story board, etc) for the selected language.

Last updatedTuesday, December 12, 2023

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