About SUVA

SearchUnify Virtual Assistant (SUVA) is a cloud-based AI-powered chatbot that can be deployed for various operations, including Customer Support and HR Support. SUVA can be used as a handy to provide L1 support to answer customer questions and resolve issues. Large language models (LLM) integration further empowers SUVA chatbot to provide more comprehensive and accurate answers to user queries. The chatbot is customizable to meet the specific needs of each organization.

Each SUVA instance supports up to five virtual agents, meaning you can deploy up to five different chatbots on the internal as well as the customer-facing portals.

Add SUVA Agents

1. Add A New Virtual Agent

2. Clone A Virtual Agent

3. Installing Virtual Agent(s) to Source Platforms

4. Pre-Installation Tasks for Salesforce Virtual Agent Installation

Add Intents and Utterances

1. Add Intents and Utterances

2. Intent Suggestions

Add Entities

Create Entities

Configure Story Board

1. Story Board and User Feedback

2. Get to Know SUVA Response Types: Simple

3. Get to Know SUVA Response Types: Selection

4. Get to Know SUVA Response Types: Adapters

5. Get to Know SUVA Response Types: Actions

6. Create Snippet Using Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

7. Train Virtual Agent, Preview and Publish Changes

Configure Theme Editor

Customize the Appearance of Bot Window and Bot Launcher with Theme Editor

SUVA Analytics

1. SUVA Analytics

2. Overview: Take a Deep-dive into the Conversations and Intents

3. Feedback: Review User Reaction on the Chatbot Responses

4. Interactions: Dig Into Sessions with Chat Transcripts

5. Settings: Measure the Success of a Virtual Agent (Chatbot)

Add Adapters

1. Salesforce Adapter

1.1. Install SUVA in Lightning Salesforce Community

2. SearchUnify Adapter

3. Zendesk Adapter

3.1. Obtain Account Key and Activate Zendesk Adapter

Configure SUVA in Different Languages

Multiple Languages

LLM Integration

1. Setting Up Large Language Model (LLM) Integration in SUVA

2. How Temperature Setting Impacts Chatbot Responses

3. Get the Authentication Key for Setting Up LLM Integration

4. LLM Integration Usage

SUVA Administrator

1. Administration

2. Change Password

SUVA Chat Window

SUVA Chat Window

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