SUVA v23.03 Release Notes

SUVA’s v23.03 introduces some impressive improvements and a new feature to the chatbot. The new capability to move Untrained_data utterances helps bridge the gap between how an admin thinks about how users interact with a chatbot and how users actually interact with a chatbot.

And with unambiguous statuses of a virtual agent, admins have better clarity into where a virtual agent stands when it’s either being trained or published.

If you couldn’t find the Bot Train Status column on the Manage Virtual Agent screen, worry not. It’s just been renamed to Train and Publish Status.

Highlights of SUVA v23.03

  1. Move Untrained_Data Utterances to Relevant Intents

    Untrained_Data is a default intent that comes pre-configured in all virtual agents. This intent consists of utterances for which no linked intents were found during conversations with users. An admin can move these utterances to the existing and relevant intents, or ignore those.

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  2. Clearer Bot Training and Publishing Status

    The earlier column named Bot Training Status has been renamed to ‘Train and Publish Status’. Admins can see the status when an agent/bot is under training or being published.

    When the status reads Not Started, that means you haven’t initiated the bot training process yet. Other Training Statuses include Training in progress, Training successful, and Training failed.

    Similarly, if you haven’t published the bot yet, you will see Training successful as the status. For publishing, the statuses are Publishing, Publishing failed, and Published.

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Last updatedWednesday, August 2, 2023

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