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What do your users actually want? The fastest way to find an answer is to consult the Intents report. It lists the most frequently consulted intents in the left panel and the utterances that triggered them in the right panel. Each panel also showcases the number of times an intent or utterance has been used.

The left panel has two columns: Intent Name and #Time Used. The first column is a list of the intents sorted by popularity. The most used intent is at the top. The number of times an intent is used is in the column #Time Used. The column is sortable.

The right panel has two columns the first of which is Utterances. The first column is a list of utterances that triggered the highlighted intent in the left panel. By default, the top intent is highlighted. But you can click another intent in the left panel to view a different set of utterances. The next image shows the utterances based on the second intent.

The #Time Used column indicates how many times a particular utterance has been entered.

Move [Untrained_Data] Utterances to Intents

It has been explained in Add Intents and Utterances that all the utterances, for which no linked intents are found and for which Out_of_Scope hasn’t been configured, are gathered in Untrained_Data. Admins can view the utterances by selecting Untrained_Data in the Intent column. Also, they can move utterances from Untrained_Data to another intent.

  1. Select utterance(s) from the list and click Move to intent.

  2. Select the intent from the list of configured intents to which you want to move the utterance to, and click Apply.

You will see an 'Updated Successfully' message when the selected utterance(s) are moved to the selected intent. The moved utterance will now detect the context and send the appropriate response to the user.

Filter Intents Report

The Intents report can be filtered based on Date Range, Select Location, and Select Languages filters.

Download Intents Report

Click on the top right to download the report.

The report is downloaded as zipped Analyitcs_Intents_and_Utterances.csv.

Last updatedWednesday, April 10, 2024

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