Install SUVA in Lightning Salesforce Community

After adding a Salesforce agent, connect SUVA with Salesforce. To start with, download the Salesforce agent.

Open the .zip file. A readme.txt file consists of instructions on how to connect SUVA with Salesforce. Follow these instructions.

Install SUVA Package

Download the SUVA Chatbot app by clicking the URL given in the readme.txt file and install it. Select users for whom you want to install the app and wait for a few minutes for the installation to be completed.

The data flow between SUVA and your Salesforce org is managed through Remote Sites; Two remote sites should be created before you can proceed with configuration. Refer to this article for instruction on how to Create Remote Sites in Salesforce.

Connect Salesforce Org with SearchUnify Instance

Upon successful installation of SUVA app, navigate to App Launcher > View All. Locate the SUVA Chatbot app and click on it. On the configuration screen, choose your community from the Select your community for configuration drop-down list and enter the following details:

a. Service endpoint. Use the service endpoint given in the readme.txt file.
b. Provision key. Contact the SearchUnify team or get in touch with your CSM to get your provision key.

c. UID. Use the UID given in the readme.txt file.

d. Expiration time. It's 120 minutes by default. You can choose a value of your own.

After entering all the details, click Proceed. You will see a success message upon successful connection setup.

Insert SUVA Chatbot on Your Salesforce Community

  1. Open your community in the Builder mode. (From Setup, go to All Sites through Quick Find Box, and click Builder. Click on the Settings icon and go to Security & Privacy. Select Relaxed CSP: Permit Access to Inline Scripts and Allowed Hosts from the Security Level dropdown.

  2. Navigate to the Components and drag SUChatbotCmp to the footer section (preferably) to see the chatbot. Publish the settings.

You have successfully installed SUVA on your Salesforce Community.

Last updatedWednesday, April 10, 2024

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