Create Remote Sites in Salesforce

Remote Sites are used to manage data flows between your SearchUnify app and Salesforce org. This article takes you walks you through the process of creating them.

Remote Site for SearchUnify

Create this site if you are installing your first SearchUnify app in Salesforce. Else, move to Remote Site 2.

  1. Log into Salesforce.
  2. Go to Remote Site Settings from the quick find box in Setup.
  3. Click New Remote Site.
  4. Enter a name and description.
  5. The Remote Site URL is your Service Endpoint, which you can find in readme.

  6. Click Save and New.

Remote Site for Data Transfer

  1. Enter a name and description for the second site.
  2. In Remote Site URL, enter the web address on the Installation Complete or Configuration page.

  3. Click Save.

The Remote Site(s) have been successfully created.

Last updatedWednesday, April 10, 2024

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