SUVA v23.07 Release Notes

SUVA v23.07 is available to all users from July 27th onwards. The new release improves the overall SUVA experience for our customers by leaps and bounds. The LLM integration sees remarkable improvement with the introduction of Temperature Setting.

Now, let's talk in detail about Temperature Setting.

Temperature Setting in LLM Integrations

Temperature setting is a hyperparameter that can be used to control the randomness of responses. A higher temperature produces more human-like and creative results, while a lower temperature produces more common and conservative output.

Refer to this doc on how to set the temperature setting - Setting Up Large Language Model (LLM) Integration in SUVA.

The scale for setting the temperature is between 0 and 1.0; with 0 causing the chatbot to produce only conservative responses and 1.0 nudging the chatbot to come up with creative responses.. If you adjust the temperature to 0.5, the model will generate text that is more predictable and less creative than if you set the temperature to 1.0.

To know more about how temperature setting work, refer to How Temperature Setting Impacts Chatbot Responses.

Last updatedWednesday, August 2, 2023

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