SUVA v23.06 Release Notes

The v23.06 release of SUVA is out on June 29th. The release includes UI improvements and changes in the SUVA chat window, and the introduction of Bot Launcher.

A new customization option has been added under Theme Editor - Bot launcher. This lets you customize how you want to launch you chatbot icon.

The language selector option in the chat window has been relocated and the time-stamp for each message is only visible upon hovering over the message. SUVA's chatbot window also sees few UI improvements with micro-animations.

Let's talk the details of each of these features.

Bot Launcher in Theme Editor

A new tab, Bot Launcher, has been introduced to Theme Editor section. This gives admins the capability to configure bot launcher behavior on the source, where the chatbot is deployed. A text message and story-based options can now be added to the bot launcher. This feature helps highlighting the chatbot icon and helps end-users to engage with the chatbot.

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Changes in Timestamp and Language Selector

The timestamp on each message is now hidden by default. It is only visible when you hover over a message. Also, the Language Selector has been relocated in the SUVA chat window. Refer to the following video to know where to spot the Language Selector in the SUVA chat window.

In this release, our team has meticulously worked behind the scenes to fine-tune our product, addressing various issues and incorporating impactful enhancements. More interesting updates are coming in our upcoming releases. Stay tuned!

Last updatedWednesday, August 2, 2023

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