SUVA v23.05 Release Notes

SUVA v23.05 is available from May 30th. With this release, SUVA catches up with the ongoing craze around large language models, including OpenAI. LLM integration has been introduced. The integration will help getting fallback responses in chatbot conversations.

Refer to the doc to know how the integration works: LLM Integration Usage.

LLM Integrations

Large Language Models (LLMs), such as OpenAI and Hugging Face, can be integrated with SUVA out-of-the-box. Hugging Face integration is available on demand. Other LLM tools like Google's Bard will be introduced in the upcoming releases.

Refer to Setting Up Large Language Model (LLM) Integration in SUVA for details on setting up the LLM integration.

Last updatedWednesday, August 2, 2023

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