Get to Know Virtual Agent Response Types: Simple

The category Simple offers three response types: Text, External Link, and Pause. Let's understand them one at a time.

Text Response Type

Text response type is used when you want to convey information or ask something. It can be combined with other response types, such as Options. To use Text:

  1. Click Select Response Type.

  2. Select Text.

  3. In the section that has appeared, write a textual response in the empty field.

  4. OPTIONAL. Click to add another textual response. It's always a great idea to use more than one Texts. That way, the Virtual Agent can pick one at random to sound more natural.

  5. OPTIONAL. Select the entire or a part of the textual response and format it. You can bold, put into italics, underline, and/or insert links in text responses.

  6. OPTIONAL. Use to combine text response with other response types, such as Options.

External Link is useful when you want to direct users to a web page where they can read or watch a solution to their problem themselves. Inserting links in responses is straightforward. After you have selected an intent that will trigger the node, perform the following instructions.

  1. Click Add Response Type and select External Link from Simple.

  2. Enter the Label. The label functions as the anchor text. Instead of a link, the end users see the anchor text which can be up to 35 characters long.

  3. In Valid Hyperlink, enter the URL where the end user is going to be redirected to. Note. When a YouTube link is inserted in Valid Hyperlink, the video gets embedded right into the chat.

  4. Finally, on checking Open Link in New Tab, you ensure that all the embedded links don't interrupt the current chat sessions.


It seems mechanical when the virtual agent answers immediately after receiving user input. You can add a human touch to your virtual agent by introducing a Pause between two consecutive responses. During the Pause period, you can either display Bot is typing... or no message at all. It's recommended to display Bot is typing... to maintain engagement. In the default set-up, it is set to 5 seconds.

  1. Click Add Response Type and select Pause from Simple.

  2. You will see a slider, Duration. Use the slider to select a Pause period between 1 and 10 seconds.

  3. Alternatively, you can check Show Bot is tying... during Pause.

  4. Also, to delete the Pause interval, click Delete.

NOTE. Don't add Pause to the last response. It'll impact user experience negatively.

Add or Delete a Response on a Node

An admin can insert multiple responses into a node. When business requirements change, the admin can add or delete a response. To add a response to an existing node, click Add a Response and remove an existing response, click . The function is at the extreme right of each response.

Once you have made the changes, scroll up and Save them.

Change Response Order

A node can house two or more responses. In the default set-up, the latest response ends up on top. But you can change the default order. Use to drag responses up and down.

Once you have made the changes, scroll up and Save them.

Last updatedWednesday, April 10, 2024

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