NLP Manager

Admins can use NLP Manager to get smart suggestions for adding intents and utterances to the existing list or creating new ones. This feature is powered by AI/ML capabilities and it works only after SearchUnify adapter is configured within an agent. It allows you to scan through the search analytics to capture user queries and then it starts suggesting intents/utterances based on them.

Add NLP Suggestion(s)

  1. From SUVA admin panel, navigate to NLP Manager.

  2. Select the Virtual Agent from Select Agent dropdown. You can also sort the list of intents via Date Range and Number of Intents filters.

  3. A list of intents, which are fetched from the connected SearchUnify instance (via adapter), can be seen here. In the Count column, you can see the number of utterances associated with the specific intent.

  4. Click on an intent to see the list of utterances associated with that specific intent.
    If you want to move an utterance to another intent, select the utterance(s) and click Move To Intent in the Actions column. In the dialog box that appears on your screen, select the intent to which you wish to move the selected utterances and click Move after a confirmation message appears on your screen.

    Note: No more than 30 utterances can be displayed at a time in an intent group

  5. If you want to move a complete intent, select the intent and click Move Intent.

Last updatedTuesday, June 25, 2024

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