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Error Logs keeps you informed about disruptions in the regular functioning of third-party LLMs, such as OpenAI, and SUVA's partner-provisoned LLM, such as Claude by AWS. Situations may arise in which SUVA-powered chatbots fail to receive responses from these integrated LLMs due to various reasons.

There can be several reasons for this. LLMs might be experiencing an overload, or your LLM plan may have exhausted its allocated tokens. Regardless of the reason, by examining the logs, SUVA admins can identify errors as soon as they occur and take steps to address them, and minimize their impact on chatbot response generation.

Error Logs

To view the error logs, expand Large Language Model and click Error Logs.

The report has five columns: Email ID, Session ID, Time Stamp, Integration, and Error.

Error Types: OpenAI and Claude

  • API Error code: 429: Too many requests

  • Python Library Error code: Timeout

  • Python Library Error code: Authentication Error

The message displayed to the admin is "OpenAI has expired"

The admins receive an email notifying them of the Authentication Error. To fix it, they can authenticate the connection with the LLM again.

  • API Error code: 500: Server error from OpenAI

  • API Error code: 503: OpenAI is overloaded

  • Python Library Error code: APIError

  • Python Library Error code: RateLimitError

  • Python Library Error code: APIConnectionError

  • Python Library Error code: InvalidRequestError

  • Python Library Error code: ServiceUnavilableError

The message displayed to the agent is "OpenAI is down currently.

Last updatedTuesday, June 25, 2024

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