Create Snippet Using Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

Generate snippet responses from knowledge articles and use those in chatbot stories. This feature is super-helpful as it uses articles to provide a resolution to a chatbot query. Instead of suggesting the link of the article, AI narrows down the part containing the solution in the article, generates a snippet response, and sends it in response in the chatbot window.

Follow the given steps to create snippets from KB articles:

  1. Open an agent from the SUVA main page. Navigate to Story Board tab and edit a node.

  2. Click Create Snippet using KB Article.

  3. Now, enter either a URL of the knowledge article or upload a .txt file using the Upload file button in the Input field. Once done, click Generate Snippet Response.

    • The maximum size for the TXT file is 5MB.
    • You can add more than one snippet responses to a node

  4. After processing the data of provided URL or uploaded file, a preview snippet is generated, including a title and description.

  5. Review the snippet and edit it if required.

  6. Save the settings.

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