SUVA v23.08 Release Notes

SUVA’s v23.08 release will be available to all users from 31 August. The new release is focused on improving the user experience in the SUVA admin panel. In the new release, several functional issues have been fixed and a new enhancement has been introduced to improve performance.

The details of the highlights of SUVA’s v23.08 are as follows:


Refactored Admin Panel for Improved Performance

We have performed code refactoring in the admin panel to improve algorithms and have introduced other enhancements. These improvements reduce loading time and improve performance in the SUVA admin panel.

Bug Fixes

Enhanced UX for Smooth Experience

Some UI-related bugs, primarily password overlapping in the password field, have been fixed for a smoother admin panel experience for the users.

Consistent Dynamic Responses in LLM-powered Chatbot

All the fallback responses generated by the LLM integration will now appear in a dynamic (generative) manner. Earlier, there were certain cases of it not happening in some chatbot responses. An example of generative-type responses is as follows:

Last updatedWednesday, August 30, 2023

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