SUVA v23.04 Release Notes

The fourth monthly release of 2023 is out on April 27th. The v23.04 update is immediately available to SUVA subscribers. This release is focused on making the SUVA user experience cleaner and free of any possible bugs.

Bug Fixes Done in SUVA v23.04

  1. No more overlapping by Pause animation

    A known bug. Earlier the ‘Pause’ animation, which you see when the chatbot is preparing a response, hid the contents of the chat window. It has been fixed.

  2. Language drop-down visibility in Zendesk, Khoros, and Website

    Another known bug. When an admin has configured only one language for the chatbot, the language drop-down was not visible in the chat window for all other platforms except Salesforce. This bug has been fixed.

  3. Removed the white strip in fallback

    If the background color of the chat window on the web and Zendesk is not white, a white strip used to appear in the chat window where fallback responses are displayed. This has also been fixed now.

A Sneak-Peak into the next SUVA release.

Something big is coming in the next SUVA release. A hint was dropped at a session in SU INNOVATE.

Watch this on-demand session to know what the future holds for SUVA.

Making Large Language Models (LLMs) a Part of Your Support Ecosystem

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