Add A New Virtual Agent

Setting up SUVA is akin to hiring a whole team of support reps who help customers accomplish everyday tasks, such as logging tickets and finding resolutions to commonplace queries. A big difference between setting up SUVA and hiring a new team is that the former works 24x7 and never asks for a sick leave.

Supported Platforms

SUVA is a highly-configurable app. You can set it up on Salesforce, Zendesk, Khoros, and websites where it can wait on visitors and, whenever invoked, help them buy airplane tickets, log cases, and reserve a table in a restaurant. Pretty much everything that can be scripted into conversations can be handled by SUVA.  Or do you want SUVA to function as a sales agent and sell products, book demo calls, and capture email addresses for marketing? Once the goal has been specified, a you can go from zero to a functional SUVA in a matter of a few hours.

SUVA can be set up within few minutes in organizations, whose goal is to install a virtual agent for customer support and HR support. SUVA is configured to help you manage both these scenarios out of the box.

Adding a Virtual Agent

There are two ways a user can log into SUVA:

a) Log into SUVA using the domain provided to you while setting up your instance (https://{domainname} Both SearchUnify and non-searchunify users can use this.

b) A SearchUnify user can also install and auto-login to SUVA from Marketplace in SearchUnifyadmin panel.

  1. Once you are logged in, an empty screen greets you if you have logged in for the first time. Else, a list of current SUVA virtual agents is visible. On either screen, find and click Add a New Agent.

  2. Select if you want to add the virtual agent for Customer Support or for HR Support users and Click Next.


Last updatedThursday, October 5, 2023

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